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Raw Materials

Raw Materials

glass roller bottles and drams for essential oils by my essential business

Roller Bottles

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Essential oil cases for every size oil collection. On-the-go? Too many bottles to carry? We've got the case for you...

✨ Vegan-Leather

✨ Colourful Patterns

✨ Keychains

...and more!

My Essential Business Essential Oil Cases, Bags, Purses


Have you seen our candle collection? 🕯 ⁠

Simple ingredients, subtle scent, made with love. These soy wax candles are scented using only essential oils. Plus, you can re-use the glass jar over and over again!⁠

✔️ soy-wax candles⁠
✔️ cotton wick⁠
✔️ scented using essential oils⁠
✔️ re-usable glass jar

Who We Are

Since April 2014, My Essential Business has brought you reliable products at a fair price. While we might have a new look, we can guarantee our products are the same great quality you’ve come to know and love. 

My Essential Business is Canadian and proud of it. Logo. A local small business that works in the essential oil space, bring quality glass bottles and roller bottles to Canada.

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