The Essential Life Book 5th Edition
The Essential Life Book 5th Edition The Essential Life Book 5th Edition The Essential Life Book 5th Edition The Essential Life Book 5th Edition The Essential Life Book 5th Edition The Essential Life Book 5th Edition
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This is the latest edition and contains all the new oils and blends released at the 2018 doTERRA Convention.

"For both the new and the experienced essential oil user, the Essential Life is a composition of everything needed to create positive and profound results. Providing both simple quick-reference information and expert-level knowledge, this book brings together the best research and proven solutions to provide you, the user, a trusted, credible and comprehensive guide. Reach for your oils and refer to this book often.”

Gain expert insight into using essential oils not only to address health concerns but also for everyday use. This book has everything you need to know during your journey with essential oils.

How to use this guide:

Introduction - Establish a foundation of knowledge for using essential oils including what oils are, where they are sourced from, and how to use them safely and effectively.

Quick reference - Quickly look up any ailment, the top recommended essential oils and basic application methods in the A-Z index.

Natural solutions - Learn about all of the single oils, blends, and supplementary products.

Body systems & focus areas - Take charge of your health in a holistic way! Expand your understanding of how essential oils work with the body. This section goes in-depth to help you identify the root cause and respond with remedies.

Essential Lifestyle - This section comes complete with 15+ sections of in-depth recipes. Some sections include cooking, cleaning, baby, pets, men, DIY + gift giving, first aid, pregnancy, and MORE. Integrate the power of essential oils into every aspect of your life!

Supplemental - This section includes vital information such as; oil chemistry, blending and layering, reflexology, cooking with oils chart, and the oil properties. This section is sure to increase your knowledge.

Changes to the 5th edition:

New single oils: Green Mandarin, Kumquat, Magnolia, Pink Pepper, Red Mandarin, and Tumeric.

New blends: Captivating blend, Centering Yoga Blend, Enlightening Yoga Blend, Steadying Yoga Blend, and 6 Children’s blends (Encouraging blend, Focus blend, Grounding Blend, Protective blend, Restful blend and Soothing blend).

Essential lifestyle recipe section: This section has been completely revamped! Find a ton of new recipes and content for all aspects of your life including cooking, cleaning, intimacy, gardening, pets & much more.

This hardcover book weighs approximately lbs.