Symphony of the Cells Booklet (4th Edition) - By Boyd Truman - [variant_title] - MyEssentialBusiness
The Symphony of the Cells is a collection of 18 intricate essential oil techniques created by Boyd Truman based on 25 years of practical knowledge and use of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Whether you are interested in helping a loved one with an ongoing ailment or are looking to incorporate pure essential oils into your massage or wellness routine, the Symphony of the Cells protocol is simple yet effective.
  • Introduction to Symphony of the Cells
  • Application Instructions
  • Protocols (basic, cardiovascular, cellular, chi, digestive, emobic, forgiveness, hormone balance, infectious disease, inflammatory, lymphatic, maxim, neurological, osteo, solar, and respiratory)
  • Reflexology Chart (hand, foot, ear)
  • Chakras
  • Substitution Guide (don't have Oregano? Use Thyme, Basil or Copaiba)
  • Additional Notes 

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