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Symphony of the Cells™ is a collection of massage protocols formulated by Boyd Truman to create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body. Each protocol is specific to a system of the body allowing you to target ailments.

  • Massage application technique & tips
  • 18 essential oil protocols: Basic, Cardiovascular, Cellular, C2, Chi, Digestive, Emobic, Forgiveness, Hormone, ID, Inflammatory, Lymphatic, Maxim, Neurological, Osteo, Purpose (NEW), Respiratory, Sensory & Solar
  • Possible conditions relating to each body system/protocol (for additional conditions, refer to the body systems chart, sold separately)
  • Related Body System Section to help you know what application to use
  • In-depth essential oil substitution list

How to use this booklet: 

  1. Identify your condition from the list included in this application booklet or refer to the body systems chart (sold separately)
  2. Follow the protocol in order by layering different essential oils to specific areas of the body as shown

      Updated 2020. Contains generic blend names such as digestive blend.

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