Sprout - Mini Aroma Diffuser
Sprout - Mini Aroma Diffuser Sprout - Mini Aroma Diffuser Sprout - Mini Aroma Diffuser Sprout - Mini Aroma Diffuser Sprout - Mini Aroma Diffuser Sprout - Mini Aroma Diffuser

This waterless mini aroma USB diffuser quickly permeates essential oils into the air. Simply insert a 5 mL bottle of your essential oil blend choice into the diffuser and plug it into a USB outlet! An adapter is sold separately if you wish to plug into an outlet.

The sprout diffuser is great for having on your desk, plugged into a computer or laptop. You can also place it on a bathroom counter.

  • Runs at 10-minute intervals for up to 4 hours
  • Covers approximately 150-200

    sq. ft.
  • Does not require water
  • Includes 2 x extra cotton tabs & 1 x 5 mL empty essential oil bottle
  • Dimensions: 2.7" wide x 5" high 
To use:
  • Open the top lid by gently pulling up on the "sprout"
  • Place the cotton tab into the 5 ml essential oil bottle and screw into the green lid
  • Place top back into the base
  • Plug unit into a USB source & press the power button to turn on (unplug the unit when it is not in use)

    Please note: because this diffuser does not use water, you will NOT see a mist come out of the diffuser, but rather be able to smell the aroma of the essential oil.



    This Diffuser has a 90 Day Replacement Warranty | No Exchanges. No Refunds. No Returns.

    This diffuser comes with a 90-day replacement warranty and a year manufacturer warranty. It is not eligible for a cash refund under any circumstances. My Essential Business will cover a replacement within 90 days from purchase.

    If additional problems occur, the diffuser must be sent back to My Essential Business. We will test the diffuser and determine whether or not it is fixable or in working condition. If the diffuser truly does not work, we will ship out a new one at our cost (if within the 90 days of purchase). If it is deemed as functioning, it will be up to the customer to pay shipping charges to receive the diffuser back. After 90 days the year manufacture warranty goes into effect and it is up to the customer to pay all shipping costs.