Rollerball™ Mood Personal Series Sets - [variant_title] - MyEssentialBusiness

The Rollerball Mood Personal Series Set includes one Recipe Sheet, one Full Set Labels and bottle cap stickers for the Mood Series. 

Labels for MOOD include:  

  • Embrace Clarity - Assists in opening the mind for clarity
  • Embrace Confidence - Assists in feelings of confidence and self-worth
  • Embrace Gratitude - Assists in feelings of gratitude and thanks
  • Embrace Harmony - Assists in feelings of balance and harmony
  • Embrace Love - Assists in feeling and embracing love
  • My Happiness Spray - Assists in lifting your mood and promotes feelings of happiness
  • Release Fury - Helps support and release feelings of anger
  • Release Grief - Helps support emotions while dealing with a loss
  • Release Sadness - Helps you close the door on sadness
  • Release Suffering - Helps release feelings and emotions of suffering
  • Release Worry - Helps release feelings of worry and concern

*Full Set Label are designed for 10ml roller bottles (not included)