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The Rollerball Kids Personal Series Set includes one recipe sheet and one full set of labels.

15 ml Spray Bottle Recipe:
  • Bug Off - Effective insect repellent that helps ward off insects

10 ml Roller Bottle Recipes:

  • Cool Kiddo - Acts as a cooling agent for the body and skin
  • Growing Kiddo - Ease discomfort during the growing phases
  • Happy Kiddo - Elevates mood and promotes vitality
  • Happy Belly - Soothes occasional stomach discomfort and promotes digestion
  • Happy Ears - Helps ease and soothe ear discomfort
  • Happy Nose - Helps soothe runny nose and discomfort to the nose
  • Healthy Kiddo - Supports healthy immune functions
  • Homework Helper - Enhances and sustains a good sense of focus
  • Soothe & Ease - Soothes and eases owie pain
  • Sweet Dreams - Promotes a peaceful night sleep

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