Modern Essentials Hardcover (11th Edition)
Modern Essentials Hardcover (11th Edition) Modern Essentials Hardcover (11th Edition)

Modern Essentials is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in learning about essential oils and their everyday uses that is ideal for both new & experienced oil users.

Easily find in-depth information on essential oils to use for hundreds of health conditions, how to safely and effectively apply them, and ways to incorporate them into your daily routines. This book contains official dōTERRA product names.


  • The Basics of Essential Oils - an introduction to essential oils, a brief history, application methods, and more.
  • Detailed descriptions, uses, safety, data, and research for 67 single oils, 39 blends, 43 personal care products and 33 supplements (dōTERRA specific).
  • My Usage Guide - find the top-recommended oils, blends & supplements, how to apply them, and research, for hundreds of physical, mental and emotional conditions. 
  • Essential Living - discover a ton of recipes & ideas for personal care, children, cleaning, cooking, nutrition, and exercise.
  • Essential Oil Science in Depth - learn how essential oils interact with the body, information on blending, a brief history, application methods  
  • Appendix and References



Publication: September 2019, 11th Edition.
Pages: 533.
Binding: Hardcover.
Dimensions: 8½" wide x 11¼" tall x ¾" deep.


SKU: REF-000136-11TH