Live Naturally - Build Well Organizer

Live Naturally - Build Well Organizer

  • $42.95

Clean up your doTERRA business with this beautiful Build Well Organizer! You will be able to throw away all of those random sticky notes and keep track of your leads, your personal enrollments, and your builders ALL in one place. With bonus sections for tracking your numbers month to month as well as different promotions you run, your day to day is about to get a whole lot easier. Also makes a GREAT gift!

Sections include:

  • Tracking - monthly tracking throughout the year of OV, personal enrollments, team enrollments, rank achieved, PO3, monthly promo & POM

  • Promotions - track the monthly promotions you run. Details, what could I do differently, would I do it again?

  • Names - keep track of all your contacts here. Jot down the samples given, what they need, etc.

  • Enrollments - record all of your personal enrollments. Do they need a wellness/business consult? Make notes with each check in.

  • Builders - 15 double sided pages dedicated to keep track of your builders and their progress! (can track 30 builders).

  • Personal Development - a list of recommended reading and podcasts.

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