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These gorgeous custom made labels were designed with our favourite guys in mind!  This sheet includes 10 labels (7 self care labels & 3 roller bottle labels) with the recipes right on them! Recipes include: Body Wash, Foaming Shave Soap, Beard Oil, Hair & Scalp Stimulating Treatment, Hand Degreaser, Aftershave Lotion, Fresh Toilet Spray and 3 roller bottle labels: Get Your Motor Running (Libido Enhancer), Energy Booster and Bye Bye Foot Fungus. Bottles not included.

Item sold separately

Bottles needed to make recipes:

1 x foaming hand pump bottle

1 x PET bottle with lotion pump

2 x 60ml blue glass spray bottle

1 x 120ml blue glass with lotion pump (or 100ml aluminum bottle)

1 x 120ml blue glass spray bottle (or 100ml aluminum bottle)

1 x PET bottle with disc top

3 x 10ml roller bottle (or 5ml roller bottle)

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