silver essential oil tool keys
essential oil tool keys in black, pink, and silver black essential oil tool keys silver essential oil tool keys pink essential oil tool keys black essential oil tool keys, 10 pack pink essential oil tool keys, 10 pack silver essential oil tool keys, 10 pack
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This safe and easy-to-use tool key helps insert, remove, or replace orifice reducers and roller balls with ease (no more breaking nails or dangerously using knives to remove your bottle tops). Made from durable metal with accurate hole sizes, our tool key is a must-have for any essential oil enthusiast!

How to use: To insert an orifice reducer, set the tool key on top of the bottle or vial. Match the top with the appropriate sized hole and push down into place. To remove, wedge the cut-out edge of the oil key between the orifice reducer (or roller ball) and the bottle, hold the key at a slight angle and lift up.

These universal keys work with most essential oil bottles including: all size dram sample bottles (with orifice reducers and roller ball tops), 5 ml, 10 ml and 15ml essential oil bottle orifice reducer (standard size bottles); and 5 ml and 10ml roller bottles.

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