Essential Emotions Book (8th Edition) - MyEssentialBusiness
Essential Emotions Book (8th Edition) - MyEssentialBusiness Essential Emotions Book (8th Edition) - MyEssentialBusiness
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NEW! Contains all the new dōTERRA® oils and blends released at the 2019 Convention. 

The Essential Emotions Book is designed to support your journey to living a healthier, cleaner, holistic lifestyle. This educational guide is packed with the most up to date information on how to support your emotional wellbeing using essential oils. It's clean and easy to follow layout makes it an excellent tool for both new and experienced essential oil users.

Essential Emotions Companion Wheels are available here.

Section 1 & 2 - Single Essential Oils & Blends

Learn about 70 different single essential oils & 43 dōTERRA® blends, each page will have:

  • An Individual description
  • Negative emotions that you want to overcome and support
  • Positive properties that you want to feel
  • Companion oils that have similar properties & provided similar support
  • Application Methods (aromatic, topical, internal)

    Section 3 - Body Guide (NEW)

    Our bodies are amazing at sending signals & often reveal underlying emotional needs.

    • Step 1 - Choose a condition or area of the body of concern
    • Step 2 - Identify the emotional root
    • Step 3 - Review the underlying emotions you feel. Refer to the Emotions Section for specific information on how to best support your body’s needs.
    • Step 4 - Look deeper & further your understanding by asking yourself the associated questions.

    Section 4 - Emotions (NEW)

    • Step 1 - Choose an emotion that you are currently feeling or would like to feel.
    • Step 2 - Find the top suggested oils/blends for support.
    • Step 3 - Ask yourself the questions provided to look deeper into the root of that emotion & further your understanding.
    • Step 4 - Read & declare the affirmations/statements given aloud.
    • Step 5 - Visualize & internalize the given scenarios to transform your body and mind.


    Publication: 2019, 8th Edition.
    Dimensions: 8.5" x 6" x 0.59"
    Pages: 278.
    Format: Softcover with coil binding.


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