240 ml (8 oz) Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottle with Silicone Sleeve - myessentialbusiness

We have broken one too many bottles in our time and knew that we needed to come up with a solution to make using glass bottles worry-free. Silicone sleeves will ensure that you have a tight grip on your bottle, and there is more protection if you are to drop it. We recommend adding an emulsifier to your mixture to help preserve the life of the spray mechanism.


1 x Black Custom Made Silicone Sleeve

1 x 240 ml (8 oz) Cobalt Blue Boston Round Glass Bottle with Black Trigger Spray

Please ensure the trigger is screwed on tightly to ensure there is no leaking.


These bottles have been SGS tested. SGS is the world's leading inspection, testing, verification & certification company. The certification ensures that this glass is free of all contaminants, chemicals, leachable lead or cadmium.