120 ml (4 oz) Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle with Black Mini Trigger - MyEssentialBusiness
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These empty and re-usable 120 ml Glass Bottles are great for storing liquid creations including air fresheners, hair spray, household cleaners and other DIYs. The dark blue colour is said to help in protecting your liquid from UV light, although we still recommend storing your bottles away from sunlight.

Please trim the staw on your trigger top as you see fit. We also carry replacements here.

Important to Note
  • If using essential oils in your recipe, please add an emulsifier such as vegetable glycerin, castile soap or all-natural dish soap to preserve the life of your trigger sprayer. An emulsifier will help keep your essential oils suspended and evenly distributed. It will also help prevent the trigger sprayer from clogging or deteriorating.
  • These bottles are not guaranteed when used with pure essential oils as recipes and ingredients vary.


These bottles have been SGS tested. SGS is the world's leading inspection, testing, verification & certification company. The certification ensures that this glass is free of all contaminants, chemicals, leachable lead or cadmium.

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