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about us

who we are

we’re canadian and proud of it. since april 11, 2014, we have brought you reliable products that support your healthy and eco lifestyle. we have very high standards, and everything we do is motivated by the desire to help you and the world we live in. 

here you'll find a collection of brands and products we love and would love for you to experience. female, gay, and family owned are our focus, and they all come from canada.

we hope you love shopping with us!

meet our team


local - about alex

many, many, hats

i love helping people get the products they love as fast as possible with zero hiccups. if there happens to be a mix-up, i'll take care of it and you!

current top 3 products


 local - about katie

organizer of the hats

i love helping others live a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. i'm here to help you on your journey and give you the best experience possible. from our hearts to your home. 

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local about us - danielle 

all the hats

i'm happiest when you're happy. i truly believe in a greener future and enjoy sharing my love for sustainable products with you. did i mention we carry fabulous women owned brands? #womensupportingwomen

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local - about ryan 

hats on hats on hats on hats

curating amazing products is what i love to do. i'm always on the lookout for amazing products, that are good for me, for you and for the earth. my attention to detail and my need for quality keep you coming back for my picks :) 

current top 3 products

  • local soap (i'm obsessed with our soap, i wash my hands with it, i also shower with it, can't get enough)
  • all-purpose cleaning kit (the smell, it seriously makes cleaning enjoyable) 
  • ingrown oil (i may not be who they designed this for, but i love it)


local - about erez

so many hats to choose from

with all the creative people around here, somebody needs to keep things organized! i'm constantly checking prices to make sure we can offer you the best prices possible while still keeping our small business going.

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