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 Epsom Salt is widely known for its rich magnesium and sulfur mineral content which are released when dissolved in warm water. It can also be used as an emulsifier in DIY recipes. Adding a pinch or two of Epsom Salt may help the essential oils combine with liquids in your recipes.

One of our favourite ways to enjoy epsom salt is while in the bath! After a good workout or long day, a warm epsom salt bath (you can also add in essential oils) can help to relax your mind and sooth tense, sore muscles. Epsom Salt may also help with dry skin.


Bath Recipe:

For adults: Combine 1 cup of Epsom Salt with 1 tbsp of carrier oil and 4-8 drops of drops of essential oil together before adding this mixture to your warm bath water.

Recommended carrier oil: Fractionated Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil

Recommended essential oils: Lavender and Cedarwood or Bergamot and Sandalwood

*Because oil and water do not blend well, pre-mixing your ingredients will ensure they emulsify into one smooth mixture to help reduce any skin reactions/sensitivities.

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