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This is a must have!

Your pockets are like the Dark Net, unfathomable and full of surprises. Fortunately there is a glowing remedy in the form of our signal yellow amenity kit with silver or gold parachute silk. It organizes every bag, it can always be found with its signal colour and it doesn't make your bag heavier. It's never too late to organize your bag!

  • made from upcycled original aviation material
  • shimmering effects through parachute silk
  • simple and sustainable
  • bright yellow colour to help you find it easily
  • every amenity bag is unique just like you!


  • W 22 cm x H 19 cm (8.5" x 7.5")

* The product images are sample examples. Since each item is unique, there are slight changes in the design of the life jacket design making them one-of-a-kind!