Live Naturally - Beginner's Guide (20pk)

Finally! Get your hands on the perfect booklet to hand to a contact with a sample or to give to someone who's just enrolled at a class... these eye-catching, informative guides will not disappoint.  Featuring all of the products in the Natural Solutions Kit along with helpful tips and tricks interspersed throughout, you'll love sharing the oil love with this handy tool in your pocket!  And it's Canadian compliant!  

26 pages. 14cm x 15cm

Sections include:

  • What is Wellness? Why Essential Oils?

  • How do I use Essential Oils?

  • Lifehacks - tips & tricks

  • Natural Solutions for: nutrition, tips for taking supplements, exercise, rest, manage stress, self-informed care, reduce toxic load.

  • Suggestions for products to be prepared for anything

  • Oil accessories

  • Recipes

  • Index