Envy Car Diffuser
Envy Car Diffuser Envy Car Diffuser Envy Car Diffuser Envy Car Diffuser Envy Car Diffuser

Finally, a car diffuser that doesn't require power or water! Fill this 5 mL essential oil bottle with your favourite blend and simply clip onto your vent! Easy peasy!

To use: 

  • Remove black cap from the bottle
  • Pop out the orifice reducer that is holding the cotton wick
  • Fill your purple bottle with your favourite blend. Be sure to leave room to add the wick back in.
  • Pop the orifice reducer and wick back into the bottle
  • Screw on the diffusing cap (not the original black cap)
  • Slide the vent adapter onto the back of the diffusing cap. You can slide it in horizontally or vertically depending on your vent.
  • Clip onto your car vent and you are ready to go! 

will depend on:

  • How often you drive your vehicle
  • How high you have your air/heat on
  • How hot your vehicle is when not in use


We recommend storing your Envy Diffuser in a cool, dark place when not in use. Box includes a black cap so your wick does not dry up or leak when not in use.

DISCLAIMER: Leaving your diffuser in the heat of your vehicle for long periods of time may cause your oils to dry up quickly or leak and cause damage (essential oils are very potent).