Envy Car Diffuser
Envy Car Diffuser Envy Car Diffuser Envy Car Diffuser Envy Car Diffuser Envy Car Diffuser

Finally, a car diffuser that doesn't require power or water! Fill this 5 mL bottle with your favourite essential oil blend and simply clip onto your vent! Easy peasy! Box includes 1 x wick and extra wicks are available for purchase here.


Before using:
  • Please ensure your Envy diffuser is secured in an upright position to prevent your oils from leaking.
  • We recommend storing your Envy Diffuser in a cool, dark place when not in use. The box includes an extra black cap so your wick does not dry up or leak while being stored.
  • Leaving your diffuser in your vehicle during hot and cold temperatures may affect the quality of your essential oils as well as cause your oils to evaporate quickly. Add a carrier oil if desired.
  • Refrain from using undiluted citrus oils as this may lead to damage if leaking occurs. For extra precaution, add a carrier oil to dilute the potency of your essential oils.
How to use: 
  • Remove black cap from the bottle
  • Pop out the orifice reducer that is holding the cotton wick
  • Fill your purple bottle with your favourite blend. Be sure to leave room to add the wick back in.
  • Pop the orifice reducer and wick back into the bottle
  • Screw on the diffusing cap (not the original black cap)
  • Slide the vent adapter onto the back of the diffusing cap. You can slide it in horizontally or vertically depending on your vent. Ensure your diffuser is sitting upright.
  • Clip onto your car vent and you are ready to go! 

Your diffuser will vary depending on:
  • How often you drive your vehicle
  • How high you have your air/heat on
  • How hot your vehicle is when not in use