10 ml Rainbow Roller Bottles (pack of 6)
10 ml Rainbow Roller Bottles (pack of 6) 10 ml Blue Rainbow Roller Bottle with Glass Rollerball Top 10 ml Rainbow Roller Bottles (pack of 6)
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10 ml Rainbow Roller Bottles are a great way to colour code your essential oil blends! After adding your recipe and topping up your bottle with a carrier oil, simply press on the rollerball top and screw the lid. 

Package Includes

  • One of each colour bottle with a matching lid
  • Colours include: yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and green
  • Glass rollerball tops
  • An extra set of improved glass roller balls attached to the package. Please use these spare balls if you find the original set too tight.


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  • Keep your roller bottles upright to prevent leaking. 
  • Easily insert and remove your rollerball tops with an Essential Oil Tool Key.