Rolling Mister - 10 mL Double-Ended Bottle (2pk) - [variant_title] - MyEssentialBusiness

Can't decide between a mister bottle or a roller bottle? We created the perfect product to solve this dilemma: both in one!

Sold in a package of 2, this frosted 10 mL glass bottle has a stainless steel roller ball on one end and a small mister on the other! You choose whether you roll or mist your essential oils on!

Perfect for a boo boo blend, hot flash spray or any other blend you may want both options for. Please remember that stainless steel balls do not release alot of oil. We find these bottles easier to fill from the mister end, or using a tool key to remove and replace the ball if you prefer to fill them that way.

Approximately  10.5 cm length x 2 cm round. Note: if you fill with water the mister will mist, if you fill it with a carrier oil it is more of a stream (because of the thickness).

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