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The Pill Trick

Swallowing seems like a pretty easy task for most. But did you know that it takes 50 muscles to move food from your mouth to your stomach? The reasoning behind the inability to swallow pills could be psychological, physical, or you maybe you just hate taking them. Keep reading to learn our favourite trick to get our pills/supplements down with ease!

Step 1:
Get your water and pill(s) ready!

Step 2:

Put pill(s) in your mouth and take a generous sip of water (don’t swallow just yet)!

Step 3:

With the water and pill(s) in your mouth, lean over so that your face is parallel with the floor, almost like you’re bending over to look at your feet. This allows the pill(s) to float to the back of your throat.

Step 4:

Swallow your pill(s) or supplement(s) while in this position. Make sure your head is faced down like the photo example above. It’s important to have your head facing the floor or your feet so that the pills go to the back of your throat, and you will be able to swallow them with ease.

If you give this a try, let us know! We use this trick daily when it's time to take our supplements. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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