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DIY Playdough With Essential Oils

Playdough is a fun, therapeutic activity that encourages kids to channel their creativity while keeping them busy for hours on end! Not to mention, it's easy to make, uses natural ingredients and does not require any baking!

Kids can help to pick the colour & scent to make it unique to them. We used dōTERRA's invigorating blend (Citrus Bliss) but there are a ton of great oils to choose from like lavender, peppermint & grapefruit!


1. Mix flour, salt & cream of tartar in a bowl.
2. Add fractionated coconut oil.
3. In a glass measuring cup, add food colouring to boiling water (we used a kettle) & combine with dry ingredients. 
4. Mix together & let the playdough cool until firm.
5. Add in essential oils & a few drops of vegetable glycerin (optional) for a shiny look & stretchy feel.
6. Knead on a floury surface until you reach the right consistency (the playdough should form a ball & hold its shape).

Play all day and when it's time to put your playdough away, make sure you store it in an airtight container like our 300 ml PET Plastic Jars (kid-safe). It should last for several weeks before drying up. Have fun!

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