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Diffuser Overview
If you love essential oils, then you probably know that diffusing is one of the best and easiest ways to enjoy the aromatic benefits from your essential oils! Not only do diffusers add a nice touch (and smell) to any living space, but they are also an eco-friendly alternative to conventional air fresheners and candles. The benefits of diffusing essential oils are endless; from improving sleep, cleansing the air around you, relieving stress and boosting your immune system, everyone needs a diffuser in their life!


What is an ultrasonic diffuser?

One of the most common types of diffusers is ultrasonic which contains a disc that vibrates to create cool, odourless water vapour. Ultrasonic diffusers work to release negative ions which counteract the negative effects of the positive ions produced by cellphones, TVs and other household electronics that we rely on every day. The negative ions released by ultrasonic diffusers can also remove dust particles from the air and leave your space feeling fresh and rejuvenated!


Below, we have briefly summarized the specs on each of our five ultrasonic diffusers (plus two mini diffusers) so you can find out which model is the right fit for you and your space.


Gaia Marble Diffuser

Gaia, also meaning Earth, was inspired by the Greek goddess. Our gorgeous, marble-printed, ceramic diffuser adds a modern touch to any living space. In the dark, Gaia also emits a calm, warm glow.
  • Water tank: 60 mL of water
  • Covers: Approximately up to 100 sq. ft.
  • Duration: Approximately 4 hours on intermittent | 2.5 hours on continuous
  • Includes automatic shut off when water has depleted 



    White Lies Glass Diffuser

    Our White Lies Diffuser appears white in the light, but blue at night (hence the name). When this beautiful glass diffuser is running, it emits blue light, creating a cool and calming atmosphere.
    • Water tank: 60 mL of water
    • Covers: small to midsize spaces
    • Duration: Up to 4 hours on intermittent | 2.5 hours on continuous


    1970 Gold Diffuser

    1970 Gold Metallic Essential Oil Diffuser

    If your space feels like it's missing something, this gorgeous 1970 Diffuser will add the perfect pop of colour! This retro-inspired diffuser will be the centre of attention and because it has such a large water tank, it runs for hours on end!
    • Water tank: 300 mL of water
    • Covers: Medium to large spaces
    • Duration: Up to 16 hours on intermittent | 10 hours on continuous
    • Includes automatic shut off when water has depleted


      Northern Lights Diffuser 

      Northern Lights Essential Oil DiffuserPeople travel across the globe to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis, but now you can enjoy the spectacular light show in the comfort of your own home or office with this Northern Lights diffuser! It's also the perfect addition to a child's nightside table or your family room! 

      • Water tank: 150 mL of water
      • Covers: Approximately 250 sq. ft.
      • Duration: Approximately 4 - 6 hours
      • Includes automatic shut off when water has depleted
      • Cascades through a variety of different colours




      Mini Diffusers 


      Sprout Aroma Diffuser

      The Sprout Aroma Diffuser is waterless and runs off of a USB power source, making it great for plugging into your laptop or computer!
      • Duration: Runs at 10-minute intervals for up to 4 hours
      • Covers: Approximately 150-200 sq. ft.
      • Does not require water
      • Includes: 2 x extra cotton tabs & 1 x 5 mL empty essential oil bottle


      Envy Car Diffuser

      The Envy Car Diffuser does not require water or power! It will be your new favourite roadside companion! Similar to a nasal inhaler, the Envy Diffuser uses a cotton wick and the fan in your car to permeate essential oils into the air


      Diffuser Care

      Over time, residue from your essential oils will start to build up and may clog your diffuser. It's important to maintain your diffuser by giving it a regular clean as well as an occasional deep clean. For instructions on how to care for your diffuser and extend its life, click here to read our blog.



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