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Crystals & Essential Oils: How Do They Work?

Have you ever heard of the word “synergy”? It’s when two or more substances interact together and produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. In this instance, Synergy is the perfect word to describe how crystals and essential oils work together to support our body, mind, and overall sense of well-being. Our body systems are made of energy that can show up in different forms or patterns. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are also connected to this energy and have a certain density of their own. When these patterns start to work in a balanced tone, it helps us to achieve optimal health. Your energy patterns can be disrupted by a number of things (mainstream media, alcohol, negativity) which can eventually take a toll on your health and lead to headaches, migraines, and more serious illnesses. Crystals are said to be the most stable form of energy on the planet, which is why they are such a popular resource for those looking to bring balance and harmony back to their body and spirit. The divine power of crystals combined with the healing properties of essential oils is simply a match made in vibrational heaven!

Today we will be going over all of the crystals/stones that are included with our Chip Stone Roller Bottle Set. Using our handy Emotions & Essential Oils Book + Wheel, we also put together our top recommended essential oils to go with each crystal/stone.


Red Jasper is known as the Stone of Endurance and helps bring physical energy, focus, stamina, and determination. It can assist you with not only setting goals but following them through to the end. Red Jasper also resonates with the 3 lower chakras (sacral, base, & earth).

Recommended essential oils: Lemon, Basil, Vetiver, Peppermint



Amethyst is known for its ability to still the mind and help you enter a meditative state. It can help alleviate sadness, grief, stress, and anxiety. If amethyst is in your possession, it will help protect you from catching low vibrational energy from someone else or the technology that surrounds you.

Recommended essential oils: Frankincense, Litsea, Roman Camomile, Sandalwood




Green Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity”, especially when it comes to manifesting wealth, prosperity, and success. You can use this lucky stone to help with your decision-making process and enhance your leadership abilities. Green Aventurine will inspire you to live your life with confidence and embrace change.

Recommended essential oils: Cypress, Lime, Siberian Fir, Lemon Myrtle



Often known as the “Heart Stone” or “Crystal of Unconditional Love”. Rose Quartz carries a very gentle feminine energy and promotes compassion, peace, and comfort in oneself and in relationships. Rose Quartz has the ability to help one realize their true worth, let go, and release deep emotional wounds– allowing them to open up and give and receive love from others.

Recommended essential oils: Rose, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang


Lapis Lazuli is a highly precious stone that represents truth and enlightenment. It will help bring out your inner wisdom and intuition while bringing balance to your inner and outer self. Use Lapis Lazuli to free your imagination, activate inspired thinking, and speak your truth. Lapis Lazuli is often sought after by psychics and scholars.

Recommended essential oils: Frankincense, Douglas Fir, Kumquat, Spearmint



 Rainbow Fluorite is a highly protective stone! Use it to ground and stabilize your spiritual energy, and sync your mental and physical coordination. Rainbow Fluorite can bring mental clarity to chaotic situations and thought processes, help get rid of negative energies that come from the environment, and is an effective stone for cleansing your chakras.

Recommended essential oils: Clary Sage, Vetiver, Lavender, Rosemary



Sodalite is a stone that you can use to get to know yourself on a deeper and spiritual level. When you know and accept your true self, nothing in life can get in your way… and Sodalite can help you realize that. It also fosters logic, creative thinking, and communication– especially if you are doing a job that requires a team effort.

Recommended essential oils: Bergamot, Lemon, Wild Orange, Magnolia




Yellow Tigers Eye helps dispell fear and anxiety that is holding you back from following your true passion. If you find yourself daydreaming or your head is stuck in the clouds, use Yellow Tigers Eye to boost your motivation and release your inner creativity. This is a powerful stone to use during meditation and it also will help balance mood swings.


Recommended essential oils: Green Mandarin, Tangerine, Peppermint, Patchouli



Clear Quartz has the ability to amplify the healing vibration of other crystals, which is why it’s often referred to as the master of all healing. It helps get rid of negative thoughts and increases your mental and physical energy. Clear Quartz teaches patience and is a great tool to help manifest your dreams and intentions into reality.

Recommended essential oils: White Fir, Lavender, Rose, Frankincense



Black Obsidian carries a very powerful metaphysical energy that can help protect you from harmful negative energy. It can assist you in cutting ties with bad habits, or even people. It’s a good stone to carry around in your day-to-day life… as it can help clear toxic energy that has been building up for a long time. You can also expect to feel more grounded, and connected to the earth.

Recommended essential oils: Grapefruit, Myrrh, Basil, Lemon


Make a blend by choosing the type of crystal or stone that resonates with you the most, and create a roller bottle blend of essential oils that corresponds with it. (Ex. If you resonate with the properties of Sodalite, create a blend with the recommended essential oils or use the Emotions and Essential Oils Book + Wheel to select your own!

- Meditation is incredibly transformative for the mind and body! Choose a crystal roller bottle that resonates with the way you are feeling that day and incorporate it into your meditation practice by applying your blend topically before you start.

- Set an intention by applying you blend topically and then holding the bottle in your hand, your mind should be clear of any negative thoughts or feelings. Concentrate, and repeat your intention out loud to yourself as many times as you wish. You will know once your intention has been set. Here is what a positive intention should look like: "I will approach all situations with patience and kindness. I allow myself to open up to give and receive love."


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Oct 04, 2019

Jaz Ramesses:

Thank u so much for this blog. I love Crystals & I love EO"s so I especially love the idea of pairing the two. I’ve had them both around for a while now and I can barely believe I haven’t heard of this b4! Is there a link u can share where I might find pairings of more Crystals & EO’s?

Oct 04, 2019

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